The sign-making industry, despite concerns that technological advances would cripple it, is still an effective channel for businesses to earn new customers.

In fact, there are reasons to be optimistic about sign-making and the print industry as a whole. Surprisingly, changing technology - the reason often cited for gloomy outlooks in the industry - appears to be the foundation for a positive future.

Computer applications such as Ordant's versatile price estimating software are making life easier for print shop businesses. Shops have access to more computer-based all-in-one-solutions and don’t have to sub-contract for particular services as often as in the past, which saves time and money.

Digital Signage Need Not Be Feared

The initial fear some sign-makers expressed when digital signage was introduced has been unjustified. Digital signs are most effective in places where information changes, such as airports. Instead of being replaced by digital signs, inexpensive traditional signage is often used in conjunction with it.

Many small businesses continue to prefer undertaking their own desktop printing projects, but demand grows for sign-making and large-format printing, especially in non-traditional areas. With a little investment in the proper tools, sign shops are now producing clean, crisp signs on substrates such as ceramics, textiles and glass.

Printers Need Signs Too!

The advent of 3D printing is also exciting. Costs for 3D printers have dropped substantially in the past five years, opening the market to small printers. Some small companies will certainly occupy a percentage of the 3D market, but there is still room for professionals willing to do small-volume 3D projects.  And 3D print shops need signage too!

As with all industries, overall economic growth also plays a big role in fueling the printing and sign-making industry.

Ordant’s software solution can help your print business run more efficiently and keep your profits alive! Sign up for a free demo of our software today.