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Ordant’s easy-to-use, cloud-based platform consolidates the cost, job, and customer data that label businesses need to streamline sales, marketing, customer service, prepress, estimating, order processing, shipping, and reporting.
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Easily manage orders for printing and converting labels on flexo, offset or screen printing presses as well as toner and inkjet digital presses. Whether your business grows organically or through acquisitions, Ordant can grow too – without costly customizations.
Our label print business, estimating, order management, and web-to-print software includes powerful customizable modules. Choose any module that fills gaps of software you may have already installed. But when our modules are used together, they integrate seamlessly to enable state-of-the-art predictive analytics that older Print MIS programs don’t offer. The modules in Ordant’s business-information platform help you adapt to what’s next for your business. Costly customizations aren’t required.

Sales, Marketing & Services

Boost revenues by identifying and strategically pursuing lucrative new opportunities.
Companies, Contacts, Prospects
Create profiles of each company you serve, including the decision makers and influencers in each company. Store data about prospects from different market verticals to help expand your business.
Opportunities and Estimates
Track jobs that might be coming up for bid soon. Be ready to provide quick, accurate estimates. Help salespeople focus on their best qualified leads.
Marketing and Order Process Automation
Automatically send timely, relevant marketing and job-status messages to your customers. Set up workflows to enable approved job files to flow immediately into the hot folder for each production device

Order Management

Ordant print-business management software handles all the data required to efficiently and accurately process multiple orders for printed labels. Order management includes compiling accurate data and marketing messages to customers, creating cost estimates, generating purchase orders, tracking inventory levels, and creating shipping labels for a single site or multiple brands and locations.
Web Portals for Online Order Submissions
Make it easier for your best customers to see the types of labels they have ordered in the past and submit new orders.
Job Tracking Status
Monitor and record the progress of each job, including proof approvals, changes, shipping, and invoicing. Every detail matters in label production.
Digital Asset Management
Keep clients’ logos and other digital assets attached to their accounts for easy retrieval on future jobs.

Prepress & Workflow

If your shop uses a mix of flexo and digital printing equipment, it’s essential to ensure that every file for each printer is properly preflighted and proofed. Ordant can check incoming files for errors, generate proofs, and help obtain timely approvals.
Simple Preflighting
Automatically scan customer-supplied files to detect file-preparation errors that will cause glitches when the job is produced.
Expedited Proof Approvals
Contact everyone who must sign off on a proof when each proof is ready. Automatically send reminders to those who haven’t commented by the deadline
Hot Folders for Job-Ready Files
Approved job files are automatically synced to hot folders in the workstations for each device that will be used to print that item.

Inventory & Purchasing

Managing inventory levels and automatically replenishing supplies needed for jobs in the pipeline can save time and money and prevent delays due to human errors.
Purchase Orders
Monitor inventories of the supplies used most often. Set triggers to notify the purchasing manager when inventories fall below a certain level.
Quotes for Outsourced Work
While estimating a multi-item order, quickly get quotes from outsourcing partners.
Plan for the Next Quarter
Analyze data from each customer’s order history to predict future orders. Estimate the types and quantities of materials that should be kept in stock.

Shipping Invoicing & Reporting

Ordant provides multiple options for delivering, billing, and processing payments for finished jobs. For example, ship all items in a multi-part order together, or separately depending on what the customer requires.
Know Shipping Costs Upfront
Connect your FedEx and/or UPS account. Calculate shipping costs, taxes, and insurance to one or multiple locations. Choose the most economical shipping method for each job.
Create Invoices and Track Payments
Convert estimates to invoices as each line item is completed. Or, wait until all line items are done. Offer several online payment options and track past-due payments.
Branding for Multiple Locations
For merged label companies, Ordant can create branded estimates and invoices from the customer’s preferred site, even if work was produced at another site
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Jess S.
Ordant has helped us reduce our operating costs by accurately tracking where are we are losing money so we can plan our sales strategy accordingly and get profits back on track


Rory O.
Few of our favorite features are that ordant makes it easy to update, is secure, helps us improve our workflow, and allows us toupload and download files intuitively. additionally, estimates are super-fast and creating estimates takes only seconds. choosing ordant for our company was the best decision we've made. we definitely recommend them to anyone looking to expand their business!


Rick M.
over the past months and with minimal consultation during weekly conversations we have accomplished a storefront that now actively attracting clientle.
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