3 Steps to Successfully implementing a Print

“A great software should not be judged by how many features it has, but rather by how well real world challenges it can solve!”

Ordant is a Print Estimating and Order Management software (Print MIS) software that was designed by actual print shop managers. While working in our own sign shop, we spent many years developing a great software for our  use. After it was launched and other print companies started using it we spent a lot of time and effort fine tuning it to meet their needs.  As a result, we know  the challenges that any print shop faces; we have come up with a great solution to address those needs.

Here are 3 factors that we found that all successful Print Estimating and Order Management software projects should have :

Having the Right Team

When selecting a team, you should ask two questions about their relevant experience:

  • Have they been involved in many software developments projects?
  • Have their projects been in the Print industry ?

So the project is not about them learning your industry but finding solutions for you.  Since IT is such a young industry and constantly developing and changing, the team members should be aware of the latest developments.

Another important factor to look at is what the Team’s focus is ? It should not be just about getting to an end point, but doing it the right way, knowing there will be constant new developments and upgrades.

Avoiding Feature Creep

Feature creep refers to software that becomes difficult and very complicated to use resulting from too many features. This can lead to poor usability and can cause products to become less stable because of unintended results between various components.

Software vendors tend to release new versions of their software in order to continue generating revenue. The new version may include newer features that the average user may never end up using.

The goal of any project should not be adding new features because everyone else is doing that, but rather take an inventory of the needs of the user and addressing those needs.

Knowing the Real Cost behind the Software

When you buy computer software, the “sticker” price is a small part of  the real cost of implementing the solution. A lot of users do not calculate the installation, maintenance, training, troubleshooting and upgrades cost; experts estimate these expenses to be at 70 to 80 percent of a software’s total use cost over a period of 3 years. If actual costs are not estimated up front, then any project runs the risk of  huge cost overruns,.

Ordant was built by print industry veterans, who built a  sign shop software and web-to-print software to address their own needs. Each client only gets the features they need/want, resulting in a very fast, easy-to-use and clutter-free software. With Ordant you know all your; setup, training, maintenance and support,  and the best part of ordant is that you will always have the latest version of the software at no additional cost.

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