What is a Print MIS?

Print Management Information System or commonly referred as Print MIS  is a computer based tool for print business managers that enables them to plan, organize and coordinate all the activities of the organization.

Print MIS  is more than a software for printing purposes rather it involves much more. It takes care of the organizations’ printing needs regardless of its size. It starts with generating print estimates for the clients, tracking and sending the confirmed orders for printing and scheduling the deliveries as per the customer’s needs. By using Print MIS software a business can ensure to provide its customers with a solution that is at the most competitive price yet at the right cost for the business as it takes into account multiple production routes.

How a Print MIS can benefit a business?

  • Abolish rekeying of data wherever possible to eliminate mistakes and save time
  • Automate workflow pertinent to print administration and production
  • Grabbing the previously intangible revenue streams
  • Reducing labor costs and adding to the business revenue
  • Print order planning and business resource management
  • Keeping track of aging print quotes that are not materialized
  • Allowing flexibility in all print jobs by considering various print cost options
  • Strictly following laid down business protocols
  • It helps business to build its customer relationship

Key Components of Print MIS

Print Estimates  – this section allows the business to accurately provide print quotes to its customers as per their needs with the following company checks

  • Company compliance checks to reduce human error
  • Detailed cost analysis of the print job considering various print options
  • Flexibility to ensure customized print solutions

Order Manager – this section allows the business to take print orders and evaluate whether the order can be processed and delivered on time. It provides the following features to the business

  • Organizing the work flow without increasing the print overheads
  • Organizing delivery schedules based on the current order flow
  • Tracking the status of each order (approved, pending, in process)
  • Notifying any delays to related departments

Schedule Manager – this section schedules the print orders as per its needs for printing and finally generating the delivery schedule. Some of its features are

  • Identifying and processing the order as per its priority
  • Effective link between the print jobs and the floor managers
  • Generating alerts and reports if any delays are encountered

Purchase Order – this section helps the business to keep the required merchandise as per the customers’ requirement and generate purchase order for special print jobs. Following are the key components

  • Real-time inventory data
  • Detail report on fast and slow moving inventory
  • Pick, pack and deliver status for in time delivery of the orders

Invoice Tracking – this section generate invoices for every print job that gets completed. It provides the following benefits to the business

  • Generating paperless invoices
  • Improving the payment cycles
  • Reduce administrative work load

Integrated Shipments – this section creates shipments and helps keeps track of the delivery of the print job of the customers. Business can easily track the status of the shipment to its customer by few clicks.

Reports – Reports can be generated for all the orders. Reports can be in the form of a table summarizing all the orders date wise or can be viewed on a chart and even it can be transformed in a excel worksheet format. Ordant Print MIS has huge flexibility to suit every business need.

There are numerous companies that market Print MIS software but one has to consider how user friendly it is because if users find it confusing or difficult they have all the options open to switch. It is highly recommended that when buying Print MIS software a business should look for minimum number of clicks to get the task done as every click takes time and time will reduce the business profits. Ordant's Print MIS software just takes two clicks to get the right information. Ordant's Print MIS software has various options to choose from to get the right information. For example you can search the database for the orders using company name, customer name, customer contact number, customer order details, etc. It means while the customer is providing some information over the phone for his orders, the business by using the Print MIS software can perform the requests in real time and email the proof to the customer immediately for approval without any delays. Business experts say if delays occur in processing the customer orders, the probability of approval decreases as customers get time to look for the other competitor products.

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