As the print industry evolves, upgrading your print Management Information System (MIS) is essential.

Continuing to use an outdated MIS system cuts into employee productivity and customer satisfaction, and may be affecting your bottom line in ways you don’t realize. Delaying an upgrade will cost you money and make your print shop less competitive.

Ordant, maker of one of the most popular price estimating applications in the print industry, has incorporated a state-of-the-art print MIS system into the software. Consider what you get when you upgrade to our MIS software:

  • A streamlined system. Inputting data from one system to another is an enormous time-waster. Ardant’s software eliminates jumping from one system to another, and is integrated with Quickbooks, UPS and FedEx, which makes invoicing and shipping much easier.
  • An intuitive interface. An MIS system that is easy to learn and use means faster, more efficient customer service. The need for workarounds is also eliminated.
  • Ease of training. Shorter training periods result in new employees becoming productive, faster.
  • Enhanced record-keeping. Accurate data is the foundation of your business. All types of records, from sales leads to payments, are instantly filed and easily accessed.
  • Flexible pricing of print services. A customized MIS application offers pricing options for discounts, rush orders or special customers.
  • Better management of materials. Purchasing and keeping track of supplies and materials with precision is simple with our software.
  • Improved accessibility. With a cloud-based MIS software, employees have access to the system from anywhere, via any kind of device. Orders can be monitored as they move through the system.

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