Print MIS: Cloud-based Vs Hosted, which one works for me?

Cloud-based solutions are like having gas supplied through your municipal utility. When the gas is turned on, naturally gas will come out. There are times you need a little gas for cooking, and other times you need a lot; when running your heat. Every month you are billed depending on how much gas you used. You don’t ever think about gas tanks or the pipelines and how they are connected to your house. That is all handled by your utility company and community leaders.

Hosted  solutions  are  more like owning  a gas  tank that is located on-site, but still is connected to your home. This gas  tank is only for your use, and you are responsible for figuring out how all the logistics involved from maintenance of the pipes to filling the gas tank works. The cost for the gas is always there, whether you use it or not.

Here are the difference between the two option:

Cloud based Solutions

  • No on-site hardware or capital expenses
  • Easily scalable; can be added to as needed
  • Solutions are on-demand, so you only pay for the options you want
  • Users can connect from anywhere, using any device
  • No additional IT cost or installation required

Hosted Solutions

A capital investment is required in hardware and infrastructure

  • Requires dedicated IT support and space in your office for  or a server room
  • More susceptible to data loss during disaster situations due to in-house location
  • Installation is required
  • No uptime guarantees

Ordant is a Print MIS software that requires no on-site server. Users can connect to this Print Estimating and Order Management software from anywhere and at anytime. We have on demand training and support, at no additional cost, thus keeping the cost down. Finally no additional IT cost or installation required, we do all the installation, setup, maintenance, hosting and support for you so you can hit the ground running.

Call us today to schedule your free demo.

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