Print Estimating Made Efficient and Effective

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”  –  Peter F. Drucker
An Efficient process helps you achieve desired result  with minimum resources. An Effective process helps you get to the desired result.
Ordant can help Print Companies be both efficient and effective with their Print Estimating and Order management.

Here are the five ways how:

Software is very user-friendly

Ordant has a very intuitive interface and is one of the most customizable Print MIS Solution The software has a very easy to use design. The software has a number of features to help make user’s life easier; set reminders, tasks and follow-ups for themselves and their team. Ordant can connect to other applications seamlessly.

Users can Track their Tasks and give Estimations from anywhere, anytime

Ordant is a cloud-based software that can be used on any tablet and/or computer.  Unlike other software that need to be downloaded on every device and require a server to connect them, Ordant can be used from any internet browser with no installation required. No matter where a user goes, they can access Ordant to track orders and provide print estimates.

Information is Well Organized and Readily Available

Most estimating processes are tedious and inefficient: each quote goes through many steps before it is ready to be sent to the customer. With Ordant a user can do an print estimates in few easy steps. They can pull up any estimate in 2 clicks; making their life easier and leaving time to grow the business.

Any User can do an Estimate in real-time with Minimum Training

Ordant guides the user through every step of the estimating process and they can do the quotes in real time.  A User can track all of their orders and estimates with the help of widgets and notifications;  giving them complete control of the process. Ordant will result in a streamlined process, freeing up the user’s time to take care of customers every day. This will lead to cost savings and increased revenue.

Specialized Training and Support is included at No Extra Cost

Whether a Print Company has 5 people or 50 people on their team, we have a number of different packages to serve their needs. Ordant has the right solution for any team. Every package includes training and customer support. Since Ordant is a cloud-based software, all software updates are done automatically so Print Companies don’t have to deal with the installation hassles: and they can focus on running their business.

Ordant is a Print MIS Solution that calculates the exact cost of your custom print estimates and simplifies order management. To become a part of our print estimating revolution, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to be in the loop on all things Ordant and printing.

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