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Intuitive Web-to-Print Software That Solves Problems
Written by Ordant on January 26, 2015

Web-to-print MIS storefronts are notorious for low user rates. Many storefronts are too difficult for clients to navigate because they are burdened with confusing features, inadequate instructions, or unprofessional designs.

Ordant’s web-to-print software is designed to solve those problems.We created an intuitive solution for print shops that makes it easy to browse products and place and track orders. Today, busy clients seek ways of taking command of their purchases to save time and money. Ordant’s web-to-print application provides a management information system that enables them to do exactly that.

In addition to an easy-to-use interface, our software stands out because:

  • Print pricing is customized and exact. Print shops have long had trouble accurately pricing their products and services in storefronts. Ordant tailors its software to the needs of individual print companies, so clients can easily estimate a job themselves.
  • It’s a cloud-based system. Unlike conventional applications, our software is available through the internet. Accessing the web-to-print storefront is simple and can be done from anywhere, through any device.
  • Updates are seamless. Print companies now have the flexibility to quickly adjust to changes in the industry, add products and features, and respond to client buying habits and preferences.
  • FedEx, UPS and QuickBooks are integrated into the ordering process. Your company can ship purchases, track orders and generate invoices without switching programs.
  • Chatting with slack capability provides your team with better collaboration and helps them become more agile.

Our web-to-print software can increase sales and strengthen relationships with clients. To learn more, call Ordant today at 1-888-861-5228, or schedule a free demo viewing.



About Ordant

Ordant is cloud-based, integrated Print MIS and Web to Print software for print companies and sign shops. It is fast, easy to use, and secure. With Ordant, you can calculate the exact cost of custom price estimates, simplify order management, and set up online B2B or B2C storefronts. Ordant can improve print-shop profitability by streamlining online proofing, email order approval, customer relationship management (CRM), time tracking, Automated Emails, and file uploading. Ordant reduces the need to re-enter relevant customer and job-shipment data in apps such as FedEx, UPS, Quickbooks, Slack, and Google Drive. Ordant software can be used with many types of printing, including offset, lithography, digital printing, screen printing, wide format printing and label printing

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Print Estimating
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Connects to: Slack Google Drive Fedex UPS QBO

Offset – Digital Printing – Screen Printing – Large Format Printing

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