Integrated Software Tools for Printing Companies

Integrated software tools for print estimating and order management make print businesses more efficient, more responsive and more profitable.

When embarking on a trip, the most direct route possible from Point A to Point B saves time and money. Your print shop runs along the same principle. A tool allowing computer applications to work in tandem with one another, instead of requiring workarounds and repetitious inputting of data, enables employees to quickly get from A to B in the ordering process.

Ordant’s dynamic software streamlines the estimating, receiving, tracking and archiving of print orders, and the monitoring of materials. Orders can be completed quickly and records accurately compiled so that future orders can be handled with ease.

By consolidating various aspects of your process, Ordant’s application improves customer satisfaction and increases the bottom line.

In the past, print shop software tools were a hodgepodge of different applications. The typical order process was characterized by disjointed, inefficient practices that wasted time and money, frustrating both employees and customers.  Price estimating software was generally a homemade table, or worse yet, just pencil and paper!

This happened because print shops often added their business software piecemeal, over time, without regard for how the facets of a system should work together.  It is hard to evaluate software, learn how to use it, and integrate it in your business processes.  Long-term goals were overshadowed by immediate needs. Employees spent more time trying to manage the patchwork system than serving customers.

Further print software additions tangled the process even more.

How Ordant’s Integrated Software Tools Provide Value

Ordant’s software is the simplified, all-in-one solution that offers benefits such as these to print businesses such as yours:

  • Your employees have immediate access to our cloud-based application anywhere, from any type of device. Such easy access is particularly useful for print operations with more than one location.
  • Since maintaining multiple systems is no longer a requirement, IT costs are reduced.
  • Upgrading your system to keep pace with your growing company is easy.
  • With a single, unified system that implements the same interface, new employees can be trained quickly.

Call 1-888-861-5228 today to learn more about Ordant’s integrated software tools, or schedule our free demo.

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