Hidden Costs of DIY Print Equipment Maintenance vs Professional Suppor

DIY Print Equipment Maintenance, or Call in the Pros?

Know your total printing costs, use print estimating software

Trying to save money by fixing equipment in-house is a great idea - if your employees double as service professionals.  Added costs can creep into your printing company without really knowing it.  Print cost estimating software can help.

DIY print equipment maintenance is often a case of being penny-wise and pound-foolish. Horror stories abound of printing businesses attempting to repair broken equipment in-house, only to turn a three-hour, $180 problem into a week-long, $2,500 disaster.

Here at Ordant, creator of price-estimating software for print companies, we often suggest it’s much more cost-effective to rely on experienced maintenance technicians to keep your equipment in top-notch operating shape. In the long run, you’ll probably pay less with reduced downtime, less overtime, and longer productive equipment life.  At a minimum, understanding your total costs and lost opportunities should be worked into pricing for your deliverable print jobs.

Here are two basic ways your print shop can keep repair costs down:

  • Registering equipment for warranty work, and
  • Signing agreements offered by many maintenance contractors that charge a monthly fee but provide routine services at free or discounted rates.

Another reason using a quality contractor is a good idea; they stay abreast of the latest technological developments. An independent professional can often recommend whether it’s worth repairing a machine or investing in a new, more efficient model.

Contractors are also aware of service bulletins and recall notices that have been issued for certain machines. For professionals, diagnosing a malfunction they’ve seen a dozen times is a simple matter.

There are instances in which employees can be helpful in keeping equipment operating at peak efficiency. When user-replaceable parts wear out, don’t ignore the situation. Assign specific employees to familiarize themselves with a machine and perform periodic, fundamental maintenance.

But when breakdowns are too complex for employees to handle, don’t delay in calling for help. Schedule estimates and repairs as soon as possible, because equipment that is broken or operating inefficiently is costly in terms of downtime, quality output, and your print shop’s reputation.

Like relying on a quality service contractor for print equipment maintenance, Ordant’s price-estimating software is a valuable tool that also improves your business’s day-to-day operation. Sign up for a free print estimating software demonstration video today.

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