Have Fun With Signs

Why So Serious? Have Fun With Signs

In the midst of running a hectic day-to-day print operation, you may just find that it’s possible to have fun with signs.

Humorous signs, banners and car wraps can be a tremendous marketing tool. People respond to companies that show it can laugh at itself, demonstrate an ability to play with words, or even more boldly, gently poke its customers.

If your print shop offers marketing services, suggest signs with a twist to jump-start an ad campaign or draw attention to a product or brand. Ordant offers a few sign ideas, gleaned from the internet, to inspire you:

  • Everyone understands the frustration of auto-correct when sending texts. Signs that appear to have been “auto-corrected” are among our favorites. Like this one: “Auto Correct Makes Me Say Things I Don’t Nintendo.”
  • Auto wraps are proving to be a treasure trove of ingenuity. How about the European bus that was wrapped to make it appear it was being squeezed by a gigantic python? Or numerous wraps that purport to show a cutaway of the inside of the vehicle, such as the driver sitting on a toilet?
  • One church used a practical approach to emphasize its spiritual mission by admonishing, “Some Questions Can’t Be Answered By Google.”
  • A trendy expression with a different spin on it can be very clever. One example of this: “Sorry, We’re Closed (Not Sorry).
  • Even parents with misbehaving offspring can chuckle at this: “Children Left Unattended Will be Sold to the Circus.”

Clearly, clients need to be on board with this funny sign concept, which can easily go over the top. But they may appreciate your recommendations to spice up their signage and give you a chance to have some fun with signs at the same time.  And at the same time, you can have more fun in your print shop and make your employees enjoy their days at work a little more.  That makes everyone productive!

To learn more about Ordant’s versatile price-estimating software, watch our free print shop management software demo video today.

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