Good Print Shop Management Techniques

Owning or managing a print business can be overwhelming. Organization is the key to reducing stress, becoming more productive at work, and improving your life away from the shop.Here are a few simple suggestions on how to have a more profitable and better organized print shop:

Here are a few simple suggestions on how to have a more profitable and better organized print shop:

Trust your employees.

Many owners and supervisors, determined to make their print business a success, try to do too much. Employees typically welcome the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. Hire talented people and assign them tasks that were formerly done only by you.

Manage your time on the Internet.

Many people are unaware of how much time they spend on the Internet during the workday. Reserve certain times to access the internet. Then limit the amount of time you spend on messages, social media, emails or other types of websites. If your business relies heavily on the Internet, set up alerts to notify you when clients beckon.

Don’t bring your job home.

Managing employees, clients or work orders during off-hours is sometimes unavoidable. But doing it too often robs you of time that should be spent focusing on your spouse, partner, family and friends. Once you leave the office, allow your mind to switch gears. Strengthening relationships outside of work can actually improve performance at work by restoring balance to your life.

Explore new ways of serving your customers.

Technology such as Ordant’s commercial price estimating software has revolutionized the way print shops can become more efficient with time, materials and overhead. Try to learn as much as possible about the latest advances in your field through trade shows and seminars. Wise investment in technology can keep your print shop profitable and ease everyday pressure on you and your employees.

Ordant’s price estimating software solution is an essential tool that enables print shop owners and managers to more effectively run their businesses. To learn more, arrange for a viewing of our free print shop software demo

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