Five Print MIS Benefits You Shouldn’t Overlook

If you have avoided implementing a Print MIS program (or are procrastinating about replacing a flawed system), keep in mind that inaction could be costly.

Here are five Print MIS benefits you might not have considered.

You would fall behind as your competitors and customers gear up for Industry 4.0.

The fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) refers to the digital transformation of all types of manufacturing. New “smart” manufacturing ecosystems are emerging as a result of hyper-connected environments of data, people, processes, services, and systems that generate actionable business intelligence.

Together with an integrated web-to-print system, your Print MIS program sets the stage for the end-to-end workflows that will be the hallmark of the smart factories of Industry 4.0.

If you wait to modernize your business operations, you risk lagging behind competitors who are already adopting the smart factory automation technologies of Industry 4.0. Many potential customers who use hyperconnected, automated systems won’t even consider dealing with suppliers who aren’t up to speed. .

You can create order out of chaos.

As the number of orders processed each week rises and turnaround times shrink, it’s no longer a question of “if” print shops should automate management and production processes. Today, it’s a matter of “how quickly” your print shop can automate.

A Print MIS program is a good place to start because it forces you think critically about all of the processing steps and materials costs associated with each product you sell. A good Print MIS program can also avoid the need to hire additional administrative personnel to manage estimates, orders, and customer service.

Once your Print MIS program is up-and-running, you can use the data it generates to make smarter decisions about which types of projects are most profitable and which ones are losing money. As leader of your own smart factory, you will feel more in control of your day-to-day operations.

You don’t have to keep everything in your head.

For a long time, it was OK to rely on the most experienced people on your staff to quote all potential jobs. Today, that type of approach can be costly. Your firm’s reputation can suffer if your pricing seems inconsistent or illogical. And you can lose jobs when your estimating experts are unavailable to respond quickly..

With a good Print MIS, you can take all the wisdom you have gathered from years in the print business and develop pricing formulas that can be plugged into the system. Then, anyone in your shop can use to generate timely, professional, and consistent quotes for most of the potential jobs that you are invited to bid on.

You can attract better customers.

If the quotes you send out today don’t look any different than the ones you sent in 2000 or 2010, potential customers will notice.

When tech-savvy, growth-oriented customers seek a print services provider to partner with, they want to see that your company isn’t stuck in the past. They need proof that you are plugged into the newest tools for lean, efficient business. A fast, professional quote shows you’re on top of technology.

Long-time customers who prefer doing business  “the old-fashioned way” aren’t likely to be focused on growth and expansion in 21st century.

You can diversify more quickly.

The fields of marketing, advertising, publishing, architecture, and retailing are in the midst of technology-driven transformations. Some of these disruptions will affect the types and amounts of printed products professionals in these fields buy from you. So you must be continually looking for new and different types of print services you can provide to meet the shifting demands.

A good, customizable Print MIS program will provide a framework for adding new equipment, services, and materials in a logical, profitable way.

If you have been avoiding the whole subject of Print MIS software because you have heard horror stories about how complicated they are, it’s time for a fresh look.

Modern, cloud-based platforms such as Ordant Software, are extremely easy to use and update. The software will always remain current with best practices, new features, and up-to-date technology and can easily scale up as your business grows. Our optional web-to-print module ensures the error-free flow of data from online customers into your Ordant order management system. All of the modules -- including web-to-print and estimating -- can be easily customized as your business diversifies into new services.

Ordant software is popular with businesses that use different combinations of digital presses, screen-printing presses, offset presses, label presses, wide-format and grand-format printing equipment, and sign-making equipment. We can help you with a wide range of processes, including online ordering, job estimating, order management, customer relationship management, scheduling, invoicing, and shipping. For a demonstration, visit

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