If you are already using Facebook to talk about and market your printing business, you know it can be an effective way to generate leads.
But you may be able to create even more interest in your print shop through Facebook by using some basic ideas to spice up your page. Ordant, makers of the popular price estimating software for print shops, offers these suggestions:

  • Keep in mind the importance of posting quality content on Facebook. Posts that draw the most comments often include visual aids. For example, you may want to post images of a noteworthy project your shop has completed. Print shops create visual items - great for the web!
  • Linking to a relevant page on your website, such as your Ordant print management software’s web-to-print portal, generates traffic directly from Facebook and provides more exposure to your company. When users respond to a post, that activity appears in their Facebook newsfeeds, spreading your message to an even wider audience.
  • Facebook offers various business functions that enable print shops on their social network to bypass ordinary organic search and market directly to users with demographic targeting. One such function allows you to you to “boost” your posts. You’ll see the boost button in the lower right corner of a post. Choose the audience you wish to see your post and how much you want to spend to boost an interesting post, then click. It will go out to a broader audience based on your selections and generate new awareness and clicks to your page!
  • Promoting your print business through Facebook ads, coupons and other promotions are additional ways to increase the chances of reaching users enhancing your reach on Facebook. Facebook has billions of users worldwide, so you are likely to find many who are interested in your products or services.

Setting up a Facebook page and learning how to use it to generate leads isn’t difficult. Facebook provides a great deal of information on promoting your business on its pages.  If you perform a Google search for “improve my visibility on Facebook”, you will see many experts who offer free information in their blogs and newsletters, and consultative or full service marketing.

Ordant’s print company software solution can be an integral part of marketing your print business. Arrange for a viewing of our free print shop efficiency software demo to learn more.