Costs of Printing on House Stock vs. Custom Stock

Estimate your printing costs better!

The profitability of your print operation could hinge on the percentage of house stock vs. custom stock jobs you take on.  Learning how to estimate these costs and prices can save you time and money.

In choosing a business model, print shops are well advised to remember the 80-20 rule; 80% of a company’s results arise from 20% of the effort.

Printing on more expensive custom stock paper, which is heavier in weight and likely coated, offers the potential for big profits. Reproduction of images and lettering is crisp and vivid. Custom stock gives a polished, professional look to special projects such as high end displays, signs, and business cards.

But custom stock jobs often require longer setup times, and because reproduction is so precise, they leave little room for error.

Projects printed on house stock paper have a greater margin for error, because paper costs are lower. Reproduction is muted, but many clients prefer the earthier impression house stock conveys.

Deciding which material best suits your print business depends on what you are willing to pay for paper, the skill of your employees, your equipment, and the makeup of your clientele. Custom stock jobs are costlier, but more profitable. Printing on both custom and house stocks expands your range of services, but also increases costs.

Many print shops faced with this choice opt for a mixture of both. It may take time to determine whether that mix is 80-20, 50-50, or another figure.

Print estimating software makes it easy

Along with providing a variety of services that please clients, successful print shops always provide accurate, quick job estimates. Ordant’s price-estimating software is an essential application in many print shops.

Once you’ve decided how to balance your business’ printing on house stock vs. custom stock ratio, learn how Ordant can take the guesswork out of estimating. Schedule a viewing of our free demonstration video today.

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