When Ordant first drew up plans for its all-in-one price-estimating software solution for print businesses, we decided the application would be “cloud-hosted” - that is, based in the internet.

The decision was easy. Compared to on-premises software, cloud-hosted software offers many benefits to cost-conscious print shops that need efficient, reliable computer applications.

Here are a few reasons why print operations such as yours are choosing cloud-hosted software:

  • Reduced costs. Maintaining servers and performing regular updates are the responsibilities of off-site cloud vendors, so employees who formerly oversaw in-house networks can be redirected to performing duties that are more focused on customers’ needs. There is also no need for on-site server space or other capital expenditures.
  • Dependability. An on-site server breakdown can mean prolonged downtime and disgruntled customers. Lengthy disruptions with cloud-hosted software are rare because servers are monitored around the clock.
  • Access is easy for anyone with an internet connection. Your employees can access Ordant software anywhere, even from a mobile device. Productivity improves and opportunities for collaboration increase when multiple employees can access the same information at once. Cloud-based software also facilitates telecommuting employees as well as companies with several locations.
  • Scalability. It grows with your company; as bandwidth requirements increase, cloud-hosted software keeps pace by scaling up your capacity. Your business’s operating system is routinely upgraded to run at maximum efficiency.
  • Fast setup. Costly hardware purchases and time-consuming software installations and configurations are unnecessary with a cloud-based print solution. It takes less than a minute for your employees to log in and begin using Ordant’s versatile software.

For a reasonable monthly investment, Ordant’s cloud-hosted software solution can consolidate your business process and save your print operation money. Call 1-888-861-5228 or schedule a free demo to learn more.