Why Sign Shop Management Software Must Be SImple But Versatile

Managing a sign shop is hard. You must constantly keep up with new sign fabrication techniques, design trends, material options, finishing processes, installation methods, and sign codes. At the same time, you must meet rising customer demands for faster turnaround, better quality, and lower prices. So if your sign shop can use sign shop management software to streamline everyday functions such as estimating, order management, and scheduling, you should adopt it. But the last thing you need is complicated sign shop management software that takes days to learn and weeks to implement.

Unfortunately, some sign-shop management programs look more like they were designed for financial guys than your sign-shop crew. Some programs even resemble the clunky Excel-spreadsheet systems they were intended to replace.

But if you check out Ordant software, you’ll notice it looks distinctively different. The job data on the screen looks modern and uncluttered. The information is instantly easy-to-understand -- whether you are viewing it on a laptop in your office, a tablet on the shop floor, or on a smartphone in your hand. Ordant software is touchscreen friendly and super-easy to update and customize. For example, drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to rearrange the widgets on your dashboard so the information you need most often is always in view.

It’s simple by design. We know you can’t afford to waste time with complex software that is difficult to customize.

5 Reasons for Sign-Shop Software Simplicity & Versatility

Your employees must learn many other types of software.

Many digital sign-printing and finishing operations are becoming increasingly sophisticated. And so is the automation that runs them. While sign-shop management software is extremely important, it shouldn’t be so difficult to learn that your employees can’t focus on mastering the software they need to create better designs or improve color consistency on multiple printing devices.

Every employee must update the management software.

The sign-shop management software should become an accurate system of record for all of your work in progress. If the job-management software offers an easy, elegant alternative to rifling through paper job tickets or poorly managed Excel files, employees will be happy to use it. They don’t want to waste valuable time searching for the files and information they need to do their jobs.

Your shop must be profitable.

In your haste to respond quickly to a customer’s request for a quote, you can’t afford to overlook important costs. Good sign-shop software can help you keep track of all of the actual costs of producing certain types of jobs.It can also ensure that your quotes will be consistent, no matter which employee provides the quote to the customer.

The software must be able to change with your graphic communications business.

Your sign-shop management software must keep pace with the growing variety of products and services you can offer with today’s digital printing and wide-format printing and finishing equipment. If your shop expands into fields such as grand-format printing, cut-sheet digital printing, label printing, or direct-to-garment printing, Ordant software can be easily adapted. It is so versatile and easy-to-customize that it can accommodate whatever mix of sign-printing, digital-printing, screen-printing, or offset printing and finishing you choose to use.

You must be able to sell products online.

Some sign-shop management software is designed to be used in conjunction with third-party web-to-print software. Integrating software products from two different vendors isn’t always as effortless as you might think. Ordant’s web-to-print module is designed to integrate seamlessly with our order management system.You don’t have to learn different programs or consult with separate technical support teams in order to offer online ordering.

At Ordant, we simplified sign shop management software because we understand all of the complexities involved in running a sign shop today.

But making it simple hasn’t always been easy. Steve Jobs was right when he said making simple-to-use products can be harder than making complex technology products. He said, “You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

So if you’re ready to move mountains of profitable, new work through your sign shop in record time, visit www.ordant.com to schedule a demo.

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