If your printing business was born digital, you know it is vital to find a digital print MIS program that can streamline estimating, order management, proofing, and scheduling as your company evolves and expands.

To grow, your all-digital-printing business must quickly deliver a high volume of short-run, error-free jobs every day. But you must also be profitable on every single job. There is little margin for error when many of the jobs you handle are priced less than $500.

Consider these four tips for finding the right Digital Print MIS partner:

Look for a system designed for the cloud. Many big-name Print MIS programs have been adapted from old-school print-management systems that were originally designed to be installed on a server in your facility. Some of these programs require a big upfront investment to install . They are clunky to use and difficult to update.

Ordant software has always been designed the cloud. It doesn’t require hefty set-up fees and is easy for your employees to use and customize.

Because the software can be continuously improved, you won’t get stuck with an obsolete system. Nor do you have to hassle with clumsy workarounds.

With a cloud-based management information system, you are always in touch with what’s happening at your business. You can avert potential problems before they escalate into major disasters.

Find a supplier focused more on the future than the past. Some print management software developers treat digital printing as a new-fangled complement to aging printing presses. At Ordant, we understand digital printing is the future. It represents an entirely new way of delivering print services. Your customers expect you to deliver remarkable service.

From our experience working with digital printing firms, we know your digital printing business must always be prepared to adapt as digital printing technologies continue to change.

Some exciting innovations are on the horizon for nimble, forward-thinking digital printing companies that like being on the leading edge of innovation and specializing  in higher-margin applications.

Seek a supplier that understands the challenges of running a small to medium-sized business. Running a medium-sized business with just a few multi-tasking employees is far different than operating a big commercial printing enterprise that can afford lots of specialists.

But it can also be a competitive advantage.

Many digital printing systems are built for use in highly automated systems. Instead of adding more people, you can expand your business by installing more automated presses and finishing and handling equipment.

But with a smaller staff, every facet of your business must be operated as efficiently as possible. Your employees can’t waste time on redundant, administrative tasks such as quoting routine jobs, chasing down proof approvals, or keeping everyone apprised on what jobs are on the schedule each day.

Each of your employees must focus their time and energy on tasks such as promoting your business, designing creative projects, researching new materials and technologies, solving technical challenges, or building relationships with key customers.

A good digital print MIS such as Ordant software can handle the details of everyday operations such as estimating, order entry, scheduling, and proof approval so your employees can serve as creative technologists.

Partner with a company that listens to your ideas. Because cloud-based software is easier to update, your digital print MIS partner should be receptive to your suggestions for improvement.

Great software developers are creative problem solvers. We thrive on knowing what’s next in computing, automation, and digital printing. Sometimes, we might introduce features and capabilities that you might not realize you will need. When we do, we will count on your input as we refine the new features. Continuous customer feedback is why Ordant software is so different from other Print MIS solutions.

We are always open to suggestions for software features that could help your digital printing business run more efficiently. We will never ask you to modify your business operations to fit the parameters of our software. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand you can’t afford to be locked into management systems that worked for 1980s-era businesses. Our software not only integrates with QuickBooks, but also with Google Drive, Slack, and Stripe.

To learn more about Ordant’s supremely easy-to-use Print MIS software and tightly integrated web-to-print module, schedule a demonstration at ordant.com/digital-print-estimating/