Print Estimating Software

Ordant’s AI-driven print estimating software is powerful, versatile, and easy-to use. Quickly deliver quotes for multi-item jobs that require multiple printing and finishing processes as well as design, marketing, or installation services.

Ultra-Efficient Print Estimating

Ordant’s print-estimating software makes it simple for your staff to quote jobs of all types. Before sending the invoice, supervisors can adjust pricing and payment terms for best customers as well as not-so-credit-worthy buyers.
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Single-Item or Multi-Item Orders

Every product is estimated based on the machine types, outsourced processes, and manual labor required to make it. Calculate estimates for orders with one product or multiple products and services
  • Easy Cost Comparisons
    Change a job from one printer to another to compare costs and profits.
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  • Fast Delivery of RFQs
  • Accurate Shipping Cost Calculations
  • Saved Workflows and Markups
  • Defined Approval Procedures
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Flexible Pricing Models

Use different pricing models or markups for each process or service in a workflow
  • Per Piece Pricing
    Set one price for each product or service hour
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  • Cost-Plus Pricing
  • Different Markups
  • Multiple Rate Codes
  • Supervisor Oversight
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Customizable Terms and Conditions

Offer different prices, discounts, coupons, order limits, and payment limits to each customer based on their payment history.
  • Expiration Dates
    Add expiration dates to estimates to encourage quick acceptance
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  • Deposits
  • Credit Limits
  • Online Order Limits
  • Coupons
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Business Evolution Support

Ordant’s print estimating software is easy to adapt as your company grows, merges, and diversifies its product mix for new markets.
  • Printing and Finishing Processes
    Establish costs of operating new printing and finishing equipment
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  • Additional Products and Services
  • Expanding Customer and Prospect Base
  • Multiple Locations
  • Outsource Partners
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Easy Re-Ordering

Get more repeat business by making it super-easy for past customers to get their own estimates online, approve a proof, and submit the order.
  • Customer Order History
    Enable customers to find and see their past orders.
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  • Templates for Popular Products
  • Fast Order Submissions
  • Up-to-Date Prices
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Our customers love us!


Jess S.
Ordant has helped us reduce our operating costs by accurately tracking where are we are losing money so we can plan our sales strategy accordingly and get profits back on track


Rory O.
Few of our favorite features are that ordant makes it easy to update, is secure, helps us improve our workflow, and allows us toupload and download files intuitively. additionally, estimates are super-fast and creating estimates takes only seconds. choosing ordant for our company was the best decision we've made. we definitely recommend them to anyone looking to expand their business!


Rick M.
over the past months and with minimal consultation during weekly conversations we have accomplished a storefront that now actively attracting clientle.
Hundreds of customers trust Ordant to simplify their workflow
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