What is a framework and why you should use one?

While trying to come up with print estimating and order management software for your print company, you might hit upon an out-of-the-box solution. This software might be great in a lot of respect but you might want to change few features to suite your manufacturing process. But hold on, you cannot change or add any new feature in case of working on a non-customizable application. This means, your development capabilities are limited by available options, leaving no room for improvisation.

In that case, the best possible alternate is to build a custom print estimating solution that can be tailored to suit your business needs. However, opting for a custom solution, most of the times, is not only unfeasible due to forbidding cost, but is also time consuming. This is where a comprehensive application like ‘framework’ steps in.

A framework is an already written software which can be easily customized to your needs. Besides spurring your software development tasks, one of the best things about framework is that, unlike most other software development applications, it lets you develop applications that are much more structured, upgradable, and maintainable. In other words, it lets you develop custom applications that meet your business needs.

What is a framework, anyway?

In computing terms, framework is a platform with the ability to be built upon :

  • Which overrides an already written code (the general code written for the basic functionalities) to add a specific functionality.
  • Which is a layered structure (real or conceptual) that can help user build an application which can in turn help expand the overall functionality of the system.
  • Which can be used to determine how a specified set of functions in a common system or sub system are interrelated and how they should communicate with one another, never ignoring the given standards.
  • Which is more-than-handy as a structure and much more efficient than a protocol.

Key benefits of framework:

  • Less code: As most of the existing code can be retained and used, you will have to write very less amount of code.
  • It is cost-effective and time-saving: With framework, you can develop software exactly the way you want.
  • Free upgrades: With framework, you also get good support and free upgrades from your company.
  • High level of integration: Best of all, framework can enable high end integration of related programs even when used for multiple customizations.

Ordant offers a cloud-based tool that can help printing companies calculate the exact cost of print projects in an orderly manner, and enjoy a simplified order management process. The tool is best suited for offset, digital printing, screen printing, and large format printing. Most importantly, since we built this framework  for print companies specifically,  we can customize it to your exact needs. We can add any new features you may want or change the existing ones to suit your needs. All of this can be done at very low cost. Plus you will get free upgrades and maintenance. The key features of the cloud-based tool offered by Ordant are:

It is simple, effective, and easy-to-use

Can help save a lot of time and cost for companies, which can in turn result in better productivity

Requires no software installation; it can be accessed from anywhere at anytime

No additional IT costs

Fully customizable customer management system

Helps make custom print estimates for unlimited number of projects

Clean, uncluttered interface rendering site navigation smooth.

The framework solutions offered by Ordant are fully configurable and customizable to the user needs.

Resultantly, customers will be able to have complete control over their tasks while functioning in their own environment.

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