Hiring well plays a very important, yet underrated, role in the success of a company. Even if your product, messaging, marketing and customer service are great, hiring the wrong people can stop the success of your business right in its tracks. Bad hires can hurt productivity, cost you a lot of money and generally have a real negative impact on your business.

Because of this, it is very important to hire well. This includes bringing in the right candidates, answering the right questions and knowing exactly what your company needs. Unfortunately, many companies make several hiring mistakes that could be avoided.

Without any further ado, this article is going to take a closer look at some common hiring mistakes your company should look to avoid.

Not Using the Tools and Technology at Your Disposal

There is no doubt that technology is changing and transforming business as we know it. It is making business much more efficient, cost-effective, profitable and secure. Things possible in all areas of business in the modern-day were often thought impossible only a few years or decades ago.

As a result, if you aren’t using tools, software or programs to better your hiring, you’re missing out. Whether this is automation to help you sift through resumes or send out emails, or using applicant tracking systems (ATS) to streamline recruiting and hiring, technology can play a profound role in optimizing your hiring.

Now, if you’re curious about what is ATS software, be sure to do your research and see if it is something that could benefit your company. While using every new tool or technology that releases might be overkill, there are certainly many that can reduce your time and money spent on hiring.

Not Being Transparent About Everything From Start to Finish

When advertising your position or company, it can be common to sugarcoat everything and make it look like the perfect opportunity. While you think this will help attract higher quality and better candidates, this isn’t always the case. If you are misleading about the position or company you run, it can come back to hurt you.

This could hurt the reputation of your business and greatly upset the candidates who aren’t in the position they were advertised. If you misrepresent, only bad things can happen as you can’t keep up the deception forever. Instead, focus on being completely transparent and honest about everything. Be clear about the job requirements, duties and your company itself. This will help attract actual applicants that will fit well within your company.

Failing to Look Beyond the Resume

While it can be important, the resume of an applicant isn’t the most important thing to consider before hiring them. Education, job history and skills are important, but they alone don’t make a good candidate. The work style, behavior, cultural fit and interview of the candidate can often do more in deciphering whether they are a good option or not.

Hiring the best person on paper isn’t the goal here, as people don’t work on paper, they work in real life. While someone might not be as educated or experienced as another, their social skills and style of behavior might still make them the better option to hire. This is also why it is important to take time to hire the right people, to make sure you truly know what they’re about.

In conclusion, we hope that this blog post has been able to help you be aware of the most common and potentially harmful hiring mistakes to watch out for.