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Challenges & Opportunities Using Non-OEM Inks
Written by Ordant on March 06, 2015

How risky is using non-OEM ink in your print process for your copying and commercial print equipment?

At a time when profit margins are thin, many print shops use or are considering usage of non-OEM inks in their commercial printers and copiers. The savings on generic inks can be significant for both large and small operations.

When non-OEM inks were introduced, quality was spotty and print managers were skeptical. The price was right, but was it worth taking a chance on inks not made by the original manufacturer?

In addition to cost savings, there are several reasons why you should consider using alternative inks and toners from reputable manufacturers:

• Quality has greatly improved over the last few years. Streaking, clogging, and other performance issues are not nearly as common in generic inks as was once the case. In addition, makers of generic inks are responding to changes in technology; their products are compatible with new, more sophisticated equipment.

• Many manufacturers provide testing results that serve as a buying guide. Check the company’s website for these results.

• Switching to alternative inks can be accomplished relatively easily. Downtimes are minimal, system flushing is unnecessary, and most non-OEM inks can be used simultaneously with OEM inks.

Before purchasing any alternative ink, Ordant recommends you thoroughly research the manufacturer and ask other printing professionals about their experience with the company.

Should you choose to try generic inks, check the warranties on your print and copy equipment. Some manufacturers will not honor warranties if alternative inks are used in production. In many cases, however, your print and copy equipment may already be out of warranty or obsoleted by the manufacturer.

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