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In this section we will show you how to use Ordant.

Estimate View – Creating an Estimate

Creating A Print Estimate – Video Tutorial for Ordant Print Estimating Software by Ordant

Creating a print estimate with Ordant’s price estimating software is a simple, intuitive process that can be mastered quickly. This tutorial shows the easy-to-use software and the steps to quickly and accurately determine pricing for all types of print jobs. Please note… the pricing number have been altered greatly so that viewers are not mislead into believing that these are the current market prices for these products.

  • Getting started: From the home page, click on the “Projects” tab in the gray-colored bar at top of the page. Select “estimates list” from the drop-down menu to view a list of all project estimates in the system. To narrow the list to estimates assigned to you, click on the tab to the right of the “Assigned to” directive in the upper right-hand corner and choose the “me” option.
  • Searching for an estimate: Column headers on this page include “ID,” “Project Name,” “Contact Name,” and “Company.” Clicking on any column headers will arrange the information below it in alphabetical order. To search for a specific project estimate, fill out the field to the left of the “Search” tab at the upper left with information from this page. For instance, inserting a project ID number in the field will bring up a particular estimate. Inserting the name of a company will bring up all estimates for that client.
  • Creating a new print estimate: This can be started two different ways - either click on the company name from the project page, or go back to home page, search for a company in the lower left-hand “My Companies” box, and click on the company name. Either method brings up the company list page. Click on the company name to bring up that company's page. From a company's page, click on “Actions.” Choose “Create a new estimate” from the drop-down menu. From the new window, select the appropriate contact name and assign a project name. Click “Create” and an estimate page will appear, with an assigned ID number and pre-populated information fields such as the project name and contact phone number.
  • Adding items: Click “Add New Item,” then click on the appropriate item in the window that appears. Product options, customized to correspond to a print shop’s offerings, show up in the next window. Options include order quantity, printer resolution, type of ink, even the type of finishing hem for a banner.
  • After each item has been added: Click on the “Update” button and an estimate, based on your print shop's pricing, is created. To change options on a particular order, click the edit icon in the upper left, make the changes, then click on “Update” for a revised estimate. To change the estimate price, click the “Override” box to the left of the price field. A check mark will appear. Insert the new estimate amount, then click on “Update.” To restore the original price, click “Override” box to eliminate the check mark and click “Update” once again.
  • Once an estimate has been completed: click on “Actions” in the right-hand corner for options to email the estimate or create a PDF file of the estimate.
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