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The idea for Ordant was born when Usman Ali was working in the print industry. He was a key player in implementing a successful online Print on Demand system for his company. While researching different off-the-shelf solutions for this project, he observed that in today's competitive marketplace, it is not realistic for any company to do only one kind of printing process. He realized very quickly that a customizable framework was in demand, which could easily adapt to perform the unique functionality of each company and is readily available without any additional costs related to building such a tool from scratch. Usman envisioned an ideal print solution would be somewhere between a typical out-of-the-box solution and a proprietary solution that is built from scratch.

Todd Sterling is another key player in the making of Ordant. He has been making websites and web applications since the time when Netscape ruled the internet and has worked on successful projects for large corporations such as NBC and Chipscale magazine as well as small startups. In his vast experience in trying to come up with custom solutions for many different types of print companies, Todd witnessed the speed and extent to which many of these companies change their processes, in order to keep up with the new market competition and customer needs. This in turn requires a more sophisticated print solution with unique features for calculating these complex estimates. Todd was in sync with Usman's idea and wanted to build a solution which was scalable, modular and can easily adapt to the new and changing industry requirements.

Together we have built a framework which we are using ourselves. Ordant can be fully customized to any company's need. It can calculate the most complicated costs for any custom job in any type of industry. Its easy user interface allows even an inexperienced user to perform complex estimates within minutes. Ordant is an optimized solution, to help you do your tasks in the most time and cost efficient manner. Since it is a cloud based system, it does not require any software installation, which allows you to save the IT costs associated with running your own server. Ordant enables you use your time where it really matters; your customers and your production processes.
Usman Ali
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I love designing pragmatic UI/UX for web applications.

Todd Sterling
Chief Technology Officer
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